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When I Am Rich

When I am rich, I will…

  • have a housekeeper,
  • buy hardcover books,
  • volunteer at the kids’ schools,
  • get manicures and pedicures every two weeks,
  • go back to school,
  • own a house with a small yard,
  • go on vacation,
  • have a craft room,
  • have a swimming pool,
  • become a librarian,
  • have another baby,
  • get a big dog,
  • exercise every day,
  • sponsor an artist,
  • give money to PBS and NPR,
  • learn to paint,
  • take writing classes,
  • buy my Grandma whatever she wants,
  • take cooking classes,
  • put the boys in whatever lessons they want to try,
  • pay for the purchase of the people in line in front of me one day a week every week,
  • send flowers to patients in the hospital once a week,
  • buy books for hospice facilities,
  • go to whatever conferences I want,
  • build William a lab in which he can be a mad scientist,
  • have awesome giveaways on my blog of stuff I just love and want other people to have (I may or may not do the Oprah, “and you get an prize, and you get a prize” thing),
  • pay for the medical treatment of a friend without insurance,
  • give money to the hospital that cared for Mark and the hospice where he died,
  • buy a minivan, a really fancy one,
  • meet, in real life, the friends who live in my computer.

In no particular order…



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