Crafting: Felt Winter Wreath

The only craft I did for Christmas decorations this year was an easy felt wreath for our coat closet door. It’s basically the first thing you see when you walk into our apartment, and I didn’t want it to be naked. I wanted to make an ombre wreath, so I chose shades of blue. Like most crafts I do, I kept it pretty free form and simple. It’s based on the same tutorial I used for the Thanksgiving wreath I made. This wreath is so easy, you still have time to make it before Christmas. This is a good craft for older kids to help with (up to the hot gluing, then you might want to take over).

You’ll need:

  • Felt,
  • A Styrofoam form,
  • Sharp scissors,
  • Hot glue gun,
  • An ornament to hang from the middle, and
  • A ribbon for hanging the wreath

To make:

  • Cut strips from the felt the height you want for the scallops (mine were about two inches high and I got 5 or so strips from the sheets)
  • Cut individual scallops from the strips by first cutting rectangles the width you want the scallops and then rounding one end,
  • Decide the pattern you want for your colors,
  • Use the hot glue to glue the felt scallops to the wreath form, slightly overlapping so that the form doesn’t peek through
  • Tie the ribbon around where you want the top of the wreath to be and hang your ornament from the bottom of the ribbon (this is a good way to do it in case you want to change out the ornament later)



  • Don’t forget that you want to make an ombre-style wreath and begin gluing the scallops all willy-nilly. Or do. Like I did. Good thing I like how it turned out.
  • The distance you place between the rows will dictate how thick the wreath gets. I like them crowded together and spaced father apart, so you really can’t mess up.


Photographic evidence of the supposed-to-be-ombre-style-wreath-that-still-ended-up-being-really-pretty.

Scallops cut out and waiting to be glued
Overlap those suckers!


Finished and happily hanging!

I would love links to your Christmas crafts!

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