Conversations With Nicholas: House Hunters Edition

Getting ready to meet the Realtor to see our first house…

Me: Are you excited to look at the house?

Nicholas: So excited! Will this be the house we buy?

Me: Well, it might be; but, the whole process can take a while, so we shouldn’t get too worked up about it.

N: Will it have a yard for Lemmon to play in?

Me: Yes, but since Lemmon is only 4 pounds or so, she doesn’t need a huge yard anyway. The yard is more for you and Tobin. And maybe for Mommy to have a little garden patch.

N: When we get to the house will we be on television?

Me: What?

N: Are we going to be on television? Will there be a camera crew?

Me: Why would there be a camera crew?

N: Oh. So this isn’t “House Hunters”?

Me: Um, no. This is just regular people looking for a house, honey.

N: That’s okay, it will still be fun.

As it turned out, it was fun. By the time we’d been in the house for 10 minutes, the boys were running around like wild children and Tobin had taken off his boots and socks. I believe they felt right at home. But! Like I told Nicholas, we’re not supposed to get all worked up about every house we see.

N and T running around like wild children. Enjoying the echo in the empty rooms.

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