BlissDom Roundup

So many really smart and talented women are writing posts about the upcoming awesome that is BlissDom. I am not one of them, because why duplicate the already good stuff that’s out there? But! I decided to put as many as I could in one spot. For you. Because I love you.

Prepping for BlissDom

All About BlissDom

  • Cookies for Breakfast talks about being scared to go to BlissDom for the first time (I had so many of the same fears last year!)
  • Jody over on the Blissfully Domestic blog tells you all about staying at the Gaylord Texan for BlissDom
  • Tips for Newcomers to BlissDom from Ashleigh on the BlissDom blog
  • How to Rock BlissDom from Shannon on the BlissDom blog
  • Ashley at Ashley Lately is a Community Leader and second-time attendee sharing some of her tips about what happens at BlissDom

Babies At BlissDom

Your Blog and BlissDom

  • Make your blog sparkle before the conference with these tips from Becca over on the BlissDom conference blog (although these are great tips any time)


If you posted about BlissDom (or general conference tips) and want to share, please post your link in the comments! Also? I can’t wait for BlissDom!!!!!

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  1. So cool. I’m a fellow Community leader and look forward to going through these. Nice to have them all in one spot.

  2. Sherry, just going through the cards that made the check-out morning “edit,” and found yours. Thank you so very much for coming over to say hello and to give words of kindness and encouragement. It was a boost I very much needed and appreciated at that exact moment. I hope it comes back to you many times over ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Kyran, I am so glad I got to introduce myself (and that I made the edit!) I have so enjoyed your book and will definitely be going back to your blog. And thank you for your kind words.

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