Scrapping the Sad Stuff

I didn’t think about the sad stuff when I started Project Life. I knew I’d be keeping track of our family memories on a weekly basis, but thought it would just be the happy stuff, the cute things the kids say, my adventures in hair, you know the really important stuff.

But then I had the miscarriage. And I haven’t scrapped for the last three weeks. Even though I have the pictures for those weeks and really good stuff happened. But I can’t *not* mention the sadness because it was such a big part of what was happening. The thing about doing traditional scrapbooking is that you can skip over the sad pretty easily. Something about Project Life makes me share more, whether I want to or not.

I will though, probably this weekend. I will catch up with those few weeks, and I will talk about the loss of the pregnancy because that was what was happening. But I will also talk about the fun stuff that happened at school, or the silly things the kids said, or what I cooked that week. Because that’s what makes up our lives.

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