Tobin Hits The Big 0-3

Dear Tobin,
I have said it every year, and will continue to say it every year…where has the time gone and how is it possible that you are three years old?

You are the funniest kid right now. You make these amazing connections to the world around you, and you talk about all of it. All the time. You are so smart and so curious, and you already show so much caring and compassion with your friends at school. Everyone at school loves you, and greets you with really joy when you come in in the morning. As sweet as you are, you are very independent and do *not* like it when people try to help you. Most of the time that works out fine, but you get mad when I won’t let you do things like drive the car or walk across the parking lot without holding my hand.

You are snuggly and sweet and you love to dance and sing. Basically the best three-year-old ever. I can’t wait to watch you grow over the next year!

We love you so very much!

Mommy, Daddy and Nicholas


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