Conversations With Tobin: The Lost Tree Edition

We drive past a utility pole every day on the way to school and daycare. This pole is perfectly positioned for notices and is constantly covered with announcements for garage sales and team sign ups. It’s also a perfect spot for notices for lost animals. The following conversation happened the other day on our way to daycare.

Tobin: Mommy, what is that dog doing?

Me: That dog is lost, so his family posted a picture so people can help find him.

Tobin: He’s lost?

Me: That’s right, the dog is lost.

On the way to daycare the next day…

Tobin: That dog is on the Lost Tree.

Me: The Lost Tree?

Tobin: Yes. Things that are on that tree are lost. Like a lost car or a lost parking lot or a lost house or a lost road or a lost cloud…

Me: Got it. It’s The Lost Tree.

A few days later, when I didn’t have to stay at the stop sign very long, and T was in a really bad mood…


Me: What’s wrong?

Tobin: I didn’t get to talk to the dog!

Me: What?

Tobin: The dog on the Lost Tree, I didn’t get to talk to him.

Me: Oh, honey. You can talk to him after school.

Tobin: <sobbing> Okay…

The dog currently on The Lost Tree. His name is Falcore.
The dog currently on The Lost Tree. His name is Falcore.

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