Fitness Friday: Celebrating Success

I don’t know about you guys, but I need to celebrate every little success around my trying to get healthy. Every little success. I wasn’t really aware I did that until I posted a picture on Instagram earlier this week and my friend, Chris, commented on my celebrating. Because I am finding this healthy journey to be really hard, I need to celebrate every single time I do something well. I need to pat myself on the back, and there are a few other people who pat as well.

This week was different though. When I posted a picture of myself wearing a jacket that I wore at the same time last year (that I was able to button this year when I couldn’t last year) more than 100 people liked it and commented on it in either Instagram or on Facebook. For a couple of inches and not quite 30 pounds. I sometimes forget, because I have so much more to lose, that a few inches and not quite 30 pounds is a big deal. A success. I was just excited that I buttoned the jacket (with a little room to spare). But, when my friends and family celebrated that success with me, it was amplified. So much. I appreciate you guys cheering me on in this. Because it’s hard, you guys, and I want to give up, almost all the time.

I’m glad you’re there to help me celebrate the successes. Thank you.



That's a buttoned jacket right there
That’s a buttoned jacket right there

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  1. It is so important to recognize and celebrate the mini goals along the way of a really big goal….it’s fun and motivating!

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