House Hunting Gone Bad

I’ve been in house-hunting mode for a couple of years. We actively looked for a month or so before we put it on hold. But, I’m still in the habit of spotting for-sale signs on properties in our neighborhood. Especially if it’s a house that’s been for sale in the last couple of years that we’ve looked at before. That’s how this happened…

Me: Honey, that house down our street is for sale again! I saw a sign on the lawn!
W: Which house?
Me: The one that was kind of ugly and then they repainted it and it looks really good now?
W: Wow, that was fast.
Me: I know! Let’s go look at it on the way home tonight!
W: Sure.

Pulling in to the driveway of the house…

W: I’m going to go look in the windows
Me: Me too!

William walks up to the windows to start looking in…I look at the sign to see who the agent is…

Me: Honey! It’s not for sale! The sign is for the company that replaced the windows! Aaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!
W: Crap! Get back in the car!

And so we drove away as fast as we could. And were really glad the people who own the home seemed not to be home.

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  1. That is fabulous! I accidentally walked into someone’s apartment once. I thought it was a store. There were people home — I could hear them in their kitchen! — but they didn’t see me before I realized my mistake and skeedaddled. I felt like a ninja. A very dull-witted ninja.

  2. I was seeing this guy for a couple of months. He was being transferred (Navy Chief). His house was up for sale. My girlfriend and I wanted to see where he lived because she and her husband were interested in buying. Yeah, oh so nosy! Off we went. Knocked on door and a lady answered….wasn’t his mom or the maid. We politely asked if we could tour the home and she graciously agreed. When we got close to bathroom, out he walks wiping shaving cream off his face. Lord, was I glad he was finished, could have been messy/ disastrous! The three of us remained calm, cool and collected…his hands were shaking slightly…lol. Lo and I thanked his wife for the tour and left. We made it to the car, the windows were up and laughed so hard, she couldn’t drive for a good five minutes. The three of us met for lunch a few days later and had a good laugh at his expense.It kinda put a big damper on our friendship. DUHHHHH!

  3. I lived in a house with my family once, until strange otherworldly things started happening. For one, my youngest was abducted by spirits. Everything turned out okay, but come to find out, the construction company cut corners when building the house. Apparently the land used to be a cemetery and they removed the headstones, but not the bodies. Oh well! We’re living in MUCH better place now – a high rise apartment building. Life is good.

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