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Coming Back From The Sad

I’m coming back. I’m working my way back from a wicked case of sad. It was the worst since just after Mark died. You can always tell when I’m feeling bad because I don’t write here. I have fun stuff to share, fun little projects I’ve done, a baby shower post, a book review, fun stuff. But I haven’t because it felt completely out of place with where my mind was and how my heart felt. And I couldn’t bring myself to write anything that took more than two seconds to get out. Depression is exhausting.

I thought I was handling the loss of the pregnancy…my pregnancy…well. There was so much logic – I knew what happened, why the pregnancy was never viable. I knew that there was nothing we could have done to save the pregnancy, the baby.  It would seem that all the logic in the world amounts to bullshit after all. Since I can’t think of any other trigger that might have caused a fall back into depression this time, I am assuming it was the emotional part of losing the pregnancy baby and the hormones that went with it. And what a trigger it was. I let the depression grow and thrive for a couple of months. I let it live inside me without telling anyone it was there.  I was exhausted but didn’t want to sleep because of the horrific nightmares I was having. I couldn’t concentrate on anything that wasn’t completely necessary to sustain life. I didn’t want to do anything that required any effort unless the boys needed something. There was a lot of crying in the shower and behind closed doors so nobody would see.

I don’t think anyone besides William even noticed. But William noticed and thank heaven for him. He made me talk. He made me call my doctor to talk about how I was feeling and what was happening.

I’m coming back though. And I’m so very glad for it. I’ve missed you.






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  1. Thank you for expressing your feelings sweetheart. I hope this helps your heart, soul and mind to heal. I love you more than any words could ever express. Mommy

  2. So glad you have come back, you must lean on the ones whom love you or it will eat you up and destroy you as a person. Its tough and know that there are plenty out there whom are there for you when you need them,when your ready to let them in, they will be there. Hugs for every sad thought and every tear…Feel the love around you!

  3. My sympathies on your loss. I get it. I get the saddnes you are talking about. I didn’t have a miscarriage but lost our newborn premie. Through our support group, I’ve learned that there many similarities in the two. Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, the loss can be profound, gut wrenching, and for me, life altering. I would fight the grief, avoid other pregnant women because I didn’t want to be the jinx, I didn’t talk about my loss and then I realized that these things were not helping. My health was suffering and I was depressed. From the moment that I made the choice to open up about our loss and join a support group, I began to feel a release. Thank you for sharing your story and your loss. I hope, pray you are on a road to peace.

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