Are You Having A Boy or A Girl?

When I wasn’t being a crazy person worrying during the first trimester, I managed to perform several of the old wives’ tales for finding out the baby’s gender. Here are the results:

  • The Ring Test: The ring made a very distinct circle over my belly, indicating a girl (although this one says the opposite gender depending on what site you look at)
  • The Chinese Gender Calendar: Said it is a boy
  • Asking your toddler the gender: Tobin said, with complete certainty that the baby is a boy
  • Peeing on baking soda: If it foams it’s a boy, if it doesn’t it’s a girl. It foamed like a mo’fo’
  • Cravings: Sweets it’s a girl, sour it’s a boy. I’m a candy girl!
  • Morning sickness: If you have it in the first trimester, it’s a girl. Have I said that I want to throw up All. The. Time. Because I do.
  • Baby’s heart rate: If the heart rate is higher than 150, it’s a girl. This baby’s heart rate has never been lower than 157.

Score on old wives’ tales: 4 for girl, 3 for boy

We had an early anatomy ultrasound on Friday! We’ve had a couple of ultrasounds already, so it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen the baby, but it was the longest amount of time and the most detailed scan so far. A few weeks ago, we did the NT scan where they check the baby’s neck thickness for signs of Down’s Syndrome. The baby’s neck was beautiful, so one less worry! The 16-week scan we had on Friday looked for eight markers that show chromosomal changes in the baby. The baby is free of all eight of the markers! If you read my last post, you’ll know that I spent most of the first trimester worrying. It didn’t help that we tried to do the early blood tests for the markers and there was never enough fetal DNA to do the test properly. Logically, I knew that the only risk factors I have for anything being wrong with the baby are my age and my insulin resistance. But there is no room for logic in pregnancy! After this really positive ultrasound, I felt so much better that we have a healthy baby growing.

Oh, and we also found out it’s a girl. In case you were wondering 🙂

The best part about finding out the gender was telling Nicholas and Tobin. Nicholas has wanted a girl from the start, so he was happy. Tobin, not so much.

Me: Tobin, guess what! We found out today what kind of baby we’re having?

Tobin: What kind of baby is it?

Me: It’s a girl baby! You’re having a sister!

T: <Making a really mean face and clenching his fists> I hate sisters! I said I wanted a boy baby! <much wailing and crying>

The kid cried the entire 20 minute ride home from daycare. Seriously.

William and I are really happy. William has always wanted a daughter and this pregnancy has been so very different from the boys’ that I would have been very shocked if the sonographer had said it was a boy. So, while we’re not super pink people, I am excited to get some sweet little girl things. And to get started on her scrapbook!

So, moms of girls, what advice do you have for us?


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  1. I AM so so so so so so thrilled for you! <3 They're going to love having a baby sister!!!!!
    Let yourself fall in to the frills and fun that go along with having a girl! <3 <3 ya

  2. Girls are SO VERY MUCH DIFFERENT than boys. But they’re both wonderful in their very own way! 🙂 I’m SO VERY EXCITED!!!!! (hence all the large letters and !!!!)

  3. Avoid Toys R Us. The last time I went, the “girl” section was so pink, it made me and Paul nauseous. Not just the packaging, but the shelves, walls and floors. Congrats!

  4. I’m so excited for you guys! This baby girl is going to have all of you (especially T!) wrapped around her little finger!

  5. YAY! Girls are awesome. No advice, because they’re all different and everything I thought I learned on my first daughter was proven totally false with my 2nd. But really, they are so much fun. I’m not a frilly pink girly-girl type either – I try to stay as neutral on that stuff as possible. (Purple! Purple is good.)

    (And I’m sorry Tobin had a bad reaction, but I can almost guarantee he’ll get over it and end up adoring that little girl to the moon and back.)

  6. Congratulations! From the moment I saw your first post, I knew it was a girl. Another old (Mexican) wives tale: if your smallest child at home becomes very whiny, jealous, and mean with you, you’re having the opposite sex of the child.:) A GIRL! lol

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