One Trimester Down, Two To Go!

We weren’t exactly trying to get pregnant, but as my OB/GYN says, if you aren’t preventing, you’re trying.

Why I Checked

While we were in California in June, my skin was really good. Not a pimple in sight. I just wrote it off as the lovely water and relaxing. But, when we were packing up to head home, I got a weird wave of nausea. The boys had been talking about not feeling great the night before, though, so I just sent up a desperate thought that I hoped not to get sick on the 22-hour drive home and popped a Pepto-Bismal.

When we got home, I realized that I was supposed to have started my cycle when we were in California. I had a couple of tests left over from the pregnancy in January, so I figured I might as well use one. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the screen said, “Pregnant.” This was the Tuesday before Father’s Day, and since I knew this would be my last pregnancy, I wanted to tell William in a fun way. You guys, it was so very hard not to say anything to William right away. I went to Half Price Books and found a book on fertility and made a few adjustments to the title and subtitle. I wrapped it up, and told William I had his gift for him. I ended up only being able to wait until Friday to give William the book. His reaction when he read the title? He said, “Oh shit! Are you pregnant?!?” Since that was exactly my reaction when I saw the positive test, I couldn’t get mad for the less-than-romantic reaction.

Telling Daddy


First Trimester Worries

I’m a worrier in the best of times. When there is actual stuff that could go wrong? I’m a total nutjob. So, the first trimester of a pregnancy always makes me a little crazy. William thinks he sees it all, but he has no idea how often I vent/ask questions of my friends instead. Or of Google…

Because I’m of Advanced Maternal Age, we decided to do the Panorama test to check for chromosomal changes in the baby. This test is so stinkin’ cool as it is able to separate the fetal DNA from my via a couple of vials of blood. Science FTW! Unfortunately, we did the test twice and there wasn’t enough fetal DNA either time we did the test. It was really disappointing. But, by the time we could have done a third test, it was time for an early anatomy scan (which catches the same issues, just with a slightly smaller degree of certainty than the blood test). So we decided to wait three more weeks for the scan.

I can’t believe how different this pregnancy has been from either Nicholas’ or Tobin’s. I am nauseated all the time. All. The. Time. I popped way sooner with this one, and the round ligament pain kicked in at 8 weeks. It’s like everything with this kid in in fast forward (except for the DNA making…this baby is the laziest DNA maker of all time).

I can sum up the entire first trimester by relating a conversation I had with William…

Me: I don’t worry that much, do I?

William: Nope. Sometimes you sleep.

First Trimester Sherry

Now we’re off to the second trimester! Hopefully one where the Worrier calms down a bit!


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