Craftiness: Painted Frames for Photos and Art

Like everyone with young kids (especially if they’re in daycare), we get a lot of artwork home from the boys. And I want to display it, at least for a little while. I’ve been looking around for inexpensive ways to do it (I’ve found a lot of great ways to display, but most of them were more than I was willing to pay).

As I do, I turned to Pinterest for ideas. I wanted it to be simple, and I wanted to make it colorful, so I settled on the empty frame with wire and clothes pins project. I’m happy-ish with how it turned out. I really like the colors, and it does the job well, but I’m really not good at spray painting. So, it’s not as shiny and smooth as I wanted it (even though I *thought* I followed all the directions on the can); but, I still like it.

I have them up at my office so I can have more color there and have bits of the kids’ work around me.

These are just raw wood frames I picked up at Hobby Lobby, picture-hanging wire, spray paint for the frames, and wooden clothes pins painted with acrylic paint. That’s not much of a tutorial, is it? The only real tip I have about this whole process is that I clipped the clothes pins to the top of a cheap plastic cup to paint them. It kept my fingers clean and made the whole process a little faster.

How do you display your art and photos?

Crafty Supplies
Crafty Supplies
Look, Ma, no paint! On my fingers, I mean.
Look, Ma, no paint! On my fingers, I mean.
Optimus Prime! Sorry, we've been watching a lot of Transformers.
Optimus Prime! Sorry, we’ve been watching a lot of Transformers.
The sunniest yellow ever!
The sunniest yellow ever!
They do the job, y'all. Sometimes that's all you can ask of a craft.
They do the job, y’all. Sometimes that’s all you can ask of a craft.


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