Pregnancy: Halfway There!

I am completely convinced that you hit a time warp the second you find out you are pregnant and your life stays on fast forward forever after that. With that in mind I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I can’t believe this pregnancy is halfway done!

I’m 23 weeks on Wednesday and everything is trucking along.

How I’m Feeling Physically
The nausea that made me want to throw up all day, every day went away at 19 weeks. I’ve gotten some of my energy back, and am trying to use that energy to organize our apartment. Goodwill has gotten a lot from us in the past couple of weeks. My sciatica is starting to flair up, which is a pain in the butt (heh); but, I haven’t had any weight gain (I’m still about 5 pounds lighter than before I got pregnant). Although I had gestational diabetes with both boys, I’m still only insulin resistant this time so far. The only difference in what that means in a practical sense is that I’m not having to take insulin injections. I am, however taking some oral medication because my fasting numbers aren’t fantastic (it’s always the number I have the most trouble with). So far the medicine has brought the  numbers down a ton and is working like a charm. I’m hoping it will stave off injections for a bit longer.

How Baby Is Doing
We’ve had a small hiccup in the past week, but nothing major. Last week, when I had another anatomy scan of the baby, everything looked good except for one of her kidneys being a big bigger than they should be. This could mean a lot of things, so we’re going to continue to watch them closely (we would have anyway) and we did a blood test to see what it can tell us. While I’m not completely nonchalant about the kidney thing, I’m not as freaked out as I’d be if *any* of the tests we’ve had thus far had shown any abnormalities.

My Favorite Thing Right Now
My favorite part about this time in the pregnancy is starting to really feel the baby kick. I don’t know if she’s really a night-loving baby, or if it’s just the only time I sit still, but that’s when I feel her most. William and Nicholas have both felt the baby kick and thump and I love it. Nicholas felt her for the first time this past weekend and I teared up at the look of amazement and delight on his face. It was pure joy and I’m so happy to have that memory etched in my mind.

Emotional Stuff
There’s a lot going on for us in the next few weeks, and I’m just trying to stay calm and unruffled about it all. This is also the hardest time of year for me, but I’m handling it pretty well so far. It’s also interesting to be pregnant and know, absolutely, that this will be your last baby. I’m trying to soak up every minute and enjoy it (I’m one of the weird ones who likes being pregnant).

So, that’s what’s happening this second half of the pregnancy so far!



There's a real baby in there!
There’s a real baby in there!







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  1. I am so happy that everything is going so good with this pregnancy. You know the story of you being my biggest miracle baby, so won’t go into that. I knew you would be my last pregnancy. I loved being pregnant. Each day was a miracle for me. Every new feeling etc. was one step closer to me holding you in my arms. Love you my baby girl. Momma.

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