Pregnancy Update: Keeping Us On Our Toes

This baby? She’s keeping us on our toes, y’all.

When I was pregnant with N and T, I worried about normal things like birth defects, pre-term labor, whether they’d have two heads, you know the normal stuff. I also worried about the effects of gestational diabetes since I had the condition with both boys. I knew that they could potentially be really big if we didn’t control the condition. I wasn’t diagnosed with it until late pregnancy with N, but we started treating it at 6 weeks pregnant with T. The difference was almost 3 pounds between the two boys at birth. I don’t know, for sure, whether N would just naturally have been bigger, but I suspect I had GD for far longer than I was diagnosed and that’s why he was so big.

Because I was already working on getting healthier before I got pregnant with this baby, I was following the diabetic diet and started seeing my amazing specialist from the beginning. The good news is that I don’t have GD this time; and the great news is that my A1C is better than it’s been in forever, even before I was pregnant. So, unless something bizarre happens between now and when the baby is due, I won’t have to worry too much about how blood sugar is impacting the baby.

About a month ago, I had a regular anatomy scan for the baby (normal for me since I’m high risk) and it showed that one of her kidneys was bigger than the other. The doctor assured us that this was the most common anomaly during pregnancy, and while it almost always righted itself in utero, it was something to watch. It also used to be one of the soft markers for chromosomal changes (like Down’s Syndrome and Trisomy 18 among others). So, just to be on the safe side, we did the fetal DNA test (again!) to check things out. It turns out her chromosomes are perfect and we know for a fact that she’s a girl 🙂 When we had our follow-up scan last week, we saw that her kidneys are both normal now, so that was a relief.

But, during the scan last week, when the sonographer checked the blood flow through the umbilical cord, she noticed an issue. While the amount of blood going to the baby is still in the normal range, it shows some restriction. Not something you want to hear. But normal is good. We’ll rescan in two weeks, and in the meantime I’m supposed to relax (I have told you that William was just laid off, right? Totally relaxing) <snort>.

I do appreciate that there are things I can do to try to help though. I’m to stay off my feet as much as possible, not exercise, reduce stress, generally take it easy and not raise my heart rate. William, who already does the majority of daily chores at home, has now taken over cooking and is in charge of trying to get me into bed every chance he gets (heh). The boys have also been a big help, especially Nicholas. It’s really strange to call people who are down the hall from me at work and ask them to come get something from me though. Hopefully all of this helps and gets more blood/oxygen/nutrients to the baby. The real test will be in 8 days when they scan her again to see how she’s growing (she’s perfect right now, and we hope she stays that way).

I went back and forth about whether to write about this stuff. I know that there are so many bigger issues we could be dealing with as far as things that could be going wrong with the pregnancy and baby. I know that, and I’m grateful that we don’t have additional stuff to worry about. But, I talk with you all about most other stuff, so it felt strange not to tell you about something that is so heavy on my mind.

Any extra thoughts, prayers, good vibes, etc. are welcome. And don’t stress me out.


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  1. Right after T was born and the nurse practitioner was telling us that he had a “slight abnormality” I swear to all that is good and holy I thought, “GOOD LORD, HE’S GOT AN EXTRA HEAD GROWING OUT OF HIS NECK.” I can handle a 3-toed foot much better than I could have handled an extra head. I say that to say this: obviously we are the same person. Surely other people haven’t worried about 2-headed babies as often as either of us have.

  2. This is hard. Sure, it may not be one of the “big things”, but it’s hard. It is what it is and it is as big as it is, which is totally full up. So, it’s big.

    I guess I wanted to philosophize you to death up there.

    I’m just saying it’s hard and it’s good to write about it and feel the love coming your way.

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