Weight Loss Surgery or Why I Had My Stomach Cut Out

I’ve talked about it a little bit over the last couple of months, but in January I had weight loss surgery. I asked a surgeon to cut 80 percent of my stomach out and I am so glad I did.

I have been fighting my weight for more than half my life. I was lucky to be a physically active kid and teen or I would have been fighting it even longer than that. Thinking I was fat when I wasn’t is a whole other conversation. I’ve never done any real fad diets, I’ve always done medically monitored sanctioned by my physician “changes of lifestyle”. I’ve gained and lost hundreds of pounds over the years. I was tired.

Over the last five years or so (just after I had Tobin), I began researching my weight loss surgery options. I read, I talked to physicians, I watched videos. Two things happened that made me finally decide to have the surgery. I was done having babies after Tesla (you can have a perfectly healthy pregnancy after having WLS, but it wasn’t something I wanted to deal with) and I noticed that in the last year or so my self talk has become much kinder. In other words, I wasn’t a jerk to myself any more. I didn’t look at myself and think how gross I was. Because the brain part of this process is so important I felt like that was a good sign that I was ready for it.

After researching the different options, my surgeon and I decided that Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) was the right way for me to go. I went through the prescribed education for the bariatric program and continued reading (and watching videos) of people who had had the surgery. I began the process in August and had the surgery in January.

Things are going great so far! I began feeling better immediately, and my doctor and I are happy with my results.

I’m happy to share my experiences as I have them and answer any questions you may have. I know I had/have tons myself and it’s great to be able to get the feedback of people who have had the procedure.

In future posts I’ll share some specifics about how things are going. Until then, let me know if you have any questions!




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