Four Month Post-Op Check In

I can’t really believe it’s been 4 months since my bariatric surgery.  Except that it also seems like I had it last week. Time is weird.

April was the first month that I had a substantial slow down in my weight loss. I expected it, but was surprised at how hard I had to work to be okay with it. I also had to fight against emotional eating and wasn’t always successful. Even with the couple of times I ate because of anxiety, it wasn’t anything like I’ve done in the past. One time I had a candy bar and one time I had a quarter cup or so of ice cream. I felt gross afterward.

I know that the slow down was also due to my not exercising at  all during the month. I’ve gotta get on that this month y’all. May is the Month Of Exercise! This is where I put that out in the universe and it happens, right?

I had a check-in with my surgeon. She’s very happy with my progress. It’s nice to hear a doctor say she’s proud of you! My blood work is great (it wasn’t bad before, but it has improved).

I know everyone wants stats, so here they are:

  • Before VSG, I was 300 pounds and my measurements totaled 361.75 inches.
  • My 1-month post-op numbers were: 266 pounds and 330 inches.
  • My 2-month post-op numbers are: 250 pounds and  316.5 inches.
  • My 3-month post-op numbers are: 237 pounds and 304 inches.
  • My 4-month post-op numbers are: 230 pounds and 297.5 inches.
  • So, I’m down 70 pounds and 64.25 inches!

This is what a typical day looks like for me:

  • 2 Premier Protein drinks,
  • 3 small meals,
  • 64 oz. of liquid (this includes the two protein drinks),
  • B-12, calcium, multivitamin, biotin, and a stool softener
  • 60-80 grams of protein

Some non-scale victories this month include: sitting with my leg tucked under me and getting to register to be a bone marrow donor (you can’t register if you’re over a certain BMI).

My goal for May is to increase my exercise.

Let me know if you have any questions! I won’t give you medical advice, but I can share my experience.

Comparison picture!

Shrinky Dink!
Shrinky Dink!

Here is my 3-month check-up if you’d like to read what last month was like!


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  1. You are doing so well! Keep it up. Your post prompted me to take my morning iron. I am working on getting this down and then getting my other supplements back in. Do you not need to take iron?

    1. Thanks for all your support Michelle! So far my iron has been okay with just what is in the multi-vitamin+iron. I’m also eating more red meat than I ever have, so I’m sure that’s helping too!

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