I’m Not Jealous

I’m surrounded by women who are doing amazing things. They go on fabulous trips and meet their heroes. National companies are asking to use their art, develop ice cream recipes, and shoot commercials for them. Most of these friends are people I’ve met through blogging…and most I’ve never met in real life. I get to watch their successes via social media where I can put happy faces on their status or cheer them along from the sidelines.

Now to the point of my post. I get beyond bothered when these friends post something exciting and other people tell these friends that they are jealous. I mean, I get it, it’s a normal thing to say that you’re jealous of someone else getting to do a fun thing that you’re not doing. Most of the people aren’t saying they’re jealous in a mean way either. But, while there might be some luck or serendipity involved in these opportunities, for the most part these women are working their tails off to “get” these chances. They write, they paint, they make calls, they write emails, they network more than I would ever want to in my entire life, they create videos, and so much more. They spread joy and enthusiasm. I’m not jealous, y’all. I’m so incredibly excited, happy, proud and inspired by these women. They are creating these opportunities, they are earning these opportunities, and I’m happy for them.


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