12 Months Post-Op Check In

A year y’all! It’s been a year since my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG)! I am pretty sure I’ve said this in each post, but I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I haven’t met all of my goals for this year, but I am beyond thrilled that I took this step to being healthier. I really wanted to make it under 200 pounds in a year, but I didn’t make that happen. I blame sugar. I know it’s going to happen, but there’s something nice about the round number of a year.

Let’s celebrate the year by talking about my favorite non-scale victories (NSVs):

  • I flew without needing a seat belt extender
  • I fit into the chairs at the doctor’s office without my thighs getting gouged
  • I rode the rides at Six Flags because I could easily fit into them again
  • I went from a size 26/28 pants and a 3X top to an 18 pant and a L top
  • I can walk 5 miles without anything hurting
  • I can cross my legs
  • I can wear shorter necklaces without them being chokers on me
  • I was able to buy a pair of over-the-calf boots for the first time ever
  • Regular bath towels fit around me
  • Generally being able to do more stuff comfortably. Like getting down on the floor with the kids, without needing help to get back up. Or taking the six flights up to my office without dying (no, I don’t do this often because I still have to baby my bone spurs, but I can do it).

There are many more NSVs I’ve had over the year, these are just the ones that came to mind quickly.

I’ve been very lucky, though, and have only had the normal challenges. I still have to fight against constipation because my diet is so high in protein. My cravings for sugar have come back to a degree (and were fierce during the holiday season), so I’m working on that again. And sometimes I find it frustrating to not just eat with everyone else if they’re having pasta or something that isn’t the best choice for me. I haven’t completely cut all those kinds of foods out of my life, but you definitely have to make the choice as to what you want to take up the limited real estate you have available.

I’m so unbelievably happy I had this surgery, and wish I had had it sooner. I have had so many people who have supported me along the way, with William being my biggest cheerleader. I’ll keep updating, but I want to get away from weighing myself so often. I’ll be focusing on my fitness level this year, so I’ll probably update you on my mile goal, my hours-exercised goal, and my goal to do a plank every day this year! I’m also focusing on my general health overall and have already had my yearly physical, a gynecological exam, scheduled a mammogram, and seen a dermatologist for an overall skin check. I also have a dentist appointment, and will be making an appointment to see the optometrist for a check up. I chose a word for 2017 which talks about other things I’m doing this year as well.

Here are my updated stats:

  • Before VSG, I was 300 pounds and my measurements totaled 361.75 inches.
  • My 1-month post-op numbers were: 266 pounds and 330 inches.
  • My 2-month post-op numbers are: 250 pounds and  316.5 inches.
  • My 3-month post-op numbers are: 237 pounds and 304 inches.
  • My 4-month post-op numbers are: 230 pounds and 297.5 inches.
  • My 5-month post-op numbers are: 228 pounds and 296 inches.
  • My 6-month post-op numbers are: 221 and 289.25 inches.
  • My 7-month post-op numbers are: 216 pounds and 283.75 inches.
  • My 8-month post-op numbers are: 214 pounds and 280.5 inches.
  • My 9-month post op numbers are: 214 pounds and 282.75 inches.
  • My 10-month post-op numbers are: 217 pounds and 280.25 inches.
  • My 11-month post-op numbers are: 213 pounds and 280.25 inches.
  • My 12-month post-op numbers are: 212 pounds and 278.75 inches.
  • So, I’m down 88 pounds and 83 inches!

This is what a typical day looks like for me nutrition wise:

  • 1 or 2 Premier Protein drinks (typically my breakfast and morning snack),
  • 3-4 small meals,
  • 100 oz. of liquid (this includes the protein drinks),
  • B-12, calcium, multivitamin, and biotin,
  • 60-80 grams of protein

My goal is to get to 180 pounds. I’ll still be “overweight” according to all the charts, but I’m more than okay with that (and so is my surgeon).

As I always remind you guys, I’m not a medical professional, I’m just sharing my personal experience. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have though!

And here is my comparison picture!





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