Most Middle-Child Conversation, Ever

While Tobin loves his little sister, he’s pretty “meh” about her most of the time. Not hostile or anything, but generally he ignores her. This week, he had a project due where he had to create a timeline of his life. He had to choose 6 events from his life to talk about. He decided he would do his birth, his first birthday, getting his first dog, and then he was stuck. This is the conversation that ensued:

Me: Do you want to talk about becoming a big brother? That was a big event in your life.

Tobin: No, what else can we do from that year?

Me: Umm, okay? What else do you want to do for that year?

Tobin: I don’t know? Maybe that we got our van?

Me: Our van? You want to talk about getting our van?

Tobin: Yes. Because I really liked our other car. It was the red one that only had two rows and it was easy to get out of.

Me: I didn’t think you even remembered that car?

Tobin: Yep. Remember? We had to get the new van because the red car was too small to fit another car seat.

Me: Oh.

Basically, I feel like this is the most illustrative example of a middle-child thought process.

As it turned out, when we were looking through the photos for the timeline, he ended up using a photo of him and Tesla for the year he became a big brother. When I told him I was glad he was using it, he told me that the only reason he was is because he looked adorable in it.

I like this kid so much.

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